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Top 10 Sand Game Tips For New Golfers

Hitting the ball from the sand can be quite the challenge especially if you are a beginner golfer and you do not know how to handle this effectively. Most of the time we see players struggle, but then again these are challenges that are common to beginners. The following are some of the finest 10 tips that will help you swing like a pro and play from the sand.

  1. Playing from the green side bunker – in the event that you are facing any of such shots, you need to exert a back swing similar to the full length shot. Anything other than this will leave the ball in the hazard.
  2. Hitting the ball – when you are going for this shot, do not be mistaken; the aim here is not to strike the ball with the face of the club. You are making an attempt to hit it just 2 inches from behind. It is the resultant force of the sand that will lift it from the sand.
  3. Slide under the ball – considering the point above, you need to have the face of the club sliding under the ball. The concept here is to ensure that the weight does not shift in the course of the swing.
  4. Monitor your weight – ensure that you have around 70% of your weight on your left side as you approach this shot
  5. Manage your stance – it is always important for you to address the ball with an open stance
  6. Aim – Your aim as you go for this shot is supposed to be further to the left of the target. The size of the adjustment however will depend on the shot you take.
  7. Monitor the area you are working with – in the event that you do not have as big an area to work with as you might want, you will need to send the ball flying as high in the air as possible and allow it to land softly on the ground.
  8. Nature of the swing – how hard or soft are you going to swing? When facing a buried, fried egg lie or any other challenge, your swing should be harder than if you have the ball on a soft sandy bunker.
  9. Swing away – do not make the rookie mistake of slowing down as you are about to get to the bottom of the swing.
  10. The follow through – you need to make sure that you complete the follow through as you make the swing.

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