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Chipping Pre-Shot Routine: 4 Quick Tips For Beginners

Having a regular pre-shot routine can help golfers cope with intense pressure that they experience before golf shot. You might have played the chip shot before, practiced hundreds of times at the practice range, but nothing will help you handle pressure while playing on the course. For the golf novice, it’s even more important to learn the art of handling pressure. Here are a few quick tips for beginners on the subject of chipping pre-shot routine.

Finding the ball-to-target-line

Before you attempt the shot you need to know the ball-to-target-line. You can do this by standing one foot behind the ball and find the path that the ball needs to take to reach the target. You can use your club as an indicator by placing it over the imaginary straight line that connects the ball and the target. Once you are confident of the path to take, move on to your next routine. In case the target is a fair distance away, you can choose a spot that’s somewhere in the middle or slightly closer to the ball. The spot must be on the ball-to-target-line.

Practice the swing

Stand next to the ball, take a step back and practice few swings. Don’t consider it has mere test swings; it needs to be perfect in all respects – the stance, foot position, alignment, grip, shoulder position, backswing, downswing, and follow-through. Divide the practice swing period into two; in the first session think about the fundamentals of the chip shot. This way you can mentally rehearse the fundamentals of the chip shot. Use the second session of the practice time to focus only on having a smooth, rhythmic swing.


With the club behind the ball make sure it is aligned properly and is aimed at the target. Now, move closer and assume the proper stance. For a second, take a good look of the target spot and then turn your attention on the ball. In your mind you know the target spot, so now before you attempt the chip shot play the shot in your mind. Also, be certain that your body and club face are properly aligned to play the chip shot.

Just before the chip shot

Just before the shot you must be totally relaxed and ready to play the chip shot. At any point of time before the chip shot if you lose focus and fell tensed, don’t proceed with the stroke. Take a step back, regain your composure, relax and focus on the task ahead, and then proceed to play the chip shot. Beginners tend to lose concentration and their mind starts to wander. That’s perfectly normal, with experience you’ll learn to control your mind and develop a solid pre-shot routine for chip shots.

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