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Golf Equipment Tips: How To Choose The Shoes

You may have already heard about this before; the need for you to make sure that you select the appropriate shoes for your game. Choosing the right shoes in golf might sound like an easy thing, but rest assured that this is as far from the truth as you will ever be. The reason for this lies in the fact that your selection of shoes will go so far in determining how you will perform on the course. Most people assume that since a lot of the golf players are affluent, the selection of shoes is all but a matter of fashionable choice. Much as that might appear to be the case, there is so much more to this selection than fashion. As a matter of fact, you are looking at the prospect of a myriad of options ahead of you.

The following are some useful tips that you must take into consideration when you are looking to select the best golf shoes.

  • Perfect fit
  • Try them on
  • Material
  • Avoid metal spikes

Perfect fit

This is just about right for any kind of shoe that you will be trying to purchase and not just golf shoes. You have to make sure that you select an appropriate shoe type that will fit properly. Try out the shoes, make sure that they feel comfortable on your feet. If this is not the case, try on another pair. You need to have your utmost concentration when you are on the course, and simple things like discomfort can really mess up with your concentration.

Try them on

Always make it a point to purchase your shoes from professional golf stores. This is an important point of consideration because when you do this, chances are high that they will have some simulated green where you can try on the shoes and see how well they fit.


The material from which your shoes are made is also another important point of consideration. Given the chance, try and find shoes that are made of pure leather. It might be expensive, but rest assured that you will feel much better in them than any other type. You might also do with some synthetic material.

Avoid metal spikes

Golf course managers never take kindly to metal spikes on the shoes because they damage the greens. If you are struggling to maintain your balance or stability, consider rubber spikes on your shoes.

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