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Professional Advice How to Maintain Proper Balance in Your Golf Swing

Balance during a golf swing is relative to what type of shot you want to make. It’s recommended that you practice all sorts of strokes for various situations. When you do this, it’s helpful to know the basics of how you should balance your body.

Balancing for the drive and the iron shot

As a general rule, balance when teeing off or making an iron shot starts off with your weight being balanced 50/50 between both your legs. As your upswing takes place, this weight distribution will remain the same, but as the down swing takes place, your weight will systematically be transferred to your left side—culminating into the well-known “lever” effect. At the point when your club connects with the ball, almost all of your weight should be on the left side.

Remember that none of this will be possible unless you are standing the correct distance away from the ball. If you’re too far, your body will be stiff and you won’t be able to initiate balance transfer properly. If you are too close, there’ll be no room to manoeuvre the swing and a multitude of mistakes become more prevalent.

Balancing for the chip shot

Balance is extremely important during chipping. About 90% of your weight will begin on the left side and should stay there until the shot is complete. In fact, many golf instructors use the one-leg drill to teach their students good balance during chipping. You can try this method yourself: Assume your normal golf posture and simply stand on your left leg while raising the right. Now make your shot. This may feel highly uncomfortable to you at first, but it will teach you good balance and also show you proper weight distribution during your swing.

Balancing for the putt

Putting is completely different to both of the above methods. Your left-to-right balance should start and end off with 50/50 weight on both sides. However, with putting, there is a little bit of leaning forward. Roughly 70% of your weight must fall to the front of your feet and toes. A big mistake in putting is that golfers lean slightly backwards, which messes up their aim and control.

Balancing for the bunker shot

With bunker shots, lean your weight to the side that is higher than the other. For example, if your right foot is on a higher mound of sand than your left, then putting weight on the right will help you to effectively push the ball out with your stroke.

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