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General Instructions On How To Make A Low Iron Shot

Golf being a versatile game has a variety of shots that are suitable for a number of conditions. Pitch and Chip shots are used when there is a hurdle lying on the ground. Similarly, there is a Low Iron Shot and it is used when the hurdle or obstacle lies above the ground like branches of a tree. When this scenario occurs, you have to play a low iron shot in order to tackle that obstacle. It requires some difficult calculations as a low shot will help the ball cover more distance compared to a chip or pitch shot. So, the calculation should be done according to the distance between the target and golf ball position. Here are the instructions for playing a Low iron shot.

  1. For a low iron shot, the most suitable club is a 5 sized iron club or 5-iron. You should select the 5-iron club from your set and get in position for the shot.
  2. Ball positioning is very important, not only in this shot but in all the shots that you play. For a Low Iron Shot, you should place the ball about 2 inches behind the center of your stance. This will help the club in touching the ball before getting beneath it and the club will not touch the ground either, before impact. Hence, the resulting shot will be low.
  3. During the shot, you should backswing the club for around ¾ of the total length, your arms can afford. This decreases the risk of lifting the ball upwards.
  4. Once you are all set, you have to hit the ball. Now, when you hit the ball, do not downswing the club for a longer time. The downswing should not exceed the limit of your hands as the more upwards you go, the more is the chance for the ball to get higher in the air. You can prevent yourself from longer downswing by keeping the club close to your left arm.
  5. The low iron shot will cover a longer distance after it lands. So you should aim in such a way that you reach the green and you avoid the ground obstacles in between you and the target as you will not be able to end up in the green if you hit any of the obstacles. You should just try to reach the green without aiming for the target hole.

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