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8 Swing Faults That Should Not Be Left Unchecked

Nobody plays perfect golf and even the best players in the world make mistakes every now and then. Take note though, what separates the best players from the good players would be the level of consistency. In terms of the playing abilities, most of them are pretty similar. That’s why you don’t always practice to become better, but become more consistent. However, some swing faults would seriously hurt the consistency and you should not ignore it. The most common faults are:

  • Swinging it so hard!
  • No doubt – everyone loves pounding drives and hitting it over 300 yards. But at the cost of accuracy, that is not worth it. Instead, try and swing it smoother and allow everything to flow.

  • Leaning back
  • This is more or less linked with swinging hard, but some people do it to help launch the ball. Remember, golf clubs have lofts and that will launch the ball up naturally. If you lean back, you risk hitting the ball fat or if not, it could sail way right.

  • Flat swing
  • A flat swing happens when your swing plane is too parallel to the ground. This would encourage the ball to hook or even shank, since it brings the hosel in play. Try and swing it slightly more upright.

  • Not releasing
  • After impact, your hands should rotate naturally towards the left and the ball should travel straight towards the target. However, not releasing the club head is commonly known as a ‘block’ and it will go right.

  • Swaying body
  • Your body should stay in the same position in the backswing – not swaying back. If you sway back, you would promote inconsistency and it could cause all sorts of problems! Try and stabilise it!

  • Scooping
  • Another common fault is people trying to scoop the ball up. Not only will this lead to loss of distance, it would be more likely for you to thin it! Thinning shots can be frustrating, so try and hit down on it instead of scooping.

  • Over swinging
  • This is not the way to get more distance! Yes, some pros do it, but they have nearly perfect timing every time they hit their shot. This comes from practice and you don’t have the time to do that! Over swinging leads to inconsistency, so try and avoid it.

  • Rushing swing
  • The transition of the golf swing has to be smooth. If you rush into your downswing from the top of the backswing, chances are you are going to hit a bad shot. Take things slower and you will be hitting it more solidly.

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