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Playing Golf in Portugal: The Challenge of the Oceanico Victoria Course

The Oceanico Victoria golf course is a beautiful site to see in Algarve. It is one of the world’s top golf courses and it has hosted a number of championship tournaments in recent years. Previous golf players had their say on whether they would recommend others to play on the course. After all, it has an interesting reputation of offering challenges some feel are worth the visit. Yet, if you have never played on the course you may notice a number of hazards that make some wonder if they are ready to take them on based on their current skill level.

Rolling Fairways

This golf course features 18 holes with par 72. The course has plenty of green that is spacious and inviting. But, there are a number of fairways that have slopes, bumps and hills that offer challenges to any golfer. This is a good time to employ strategic plays in getting the ball where you want it to go. They may not look as intimidating as you think when you have an idea on what you want to do to get the ball where it needs to be.

Open Spaces Make Winds a Force to be Reckon With

The Oceanico Victoria has plenty of open space that adds to its natural beauty. But, many players have noticed this element adds to the wind factor and how it affects play. You will need to note which parts of the course may incur more wind action. This can keep your game sharp knowing the winds could shift at literally any moment.

Water Hazards

The water hazards pose challenges for a number of reasons. Some holes may have more water in the area than others. Some water hazards are right next to hills, slopes and bumps in the fairway. Because of this a number of players feel you are more likely to hit the ball in the water. If you have yet to practice skills related to water hazards they will be put to the test for sure on this course.

Is the Oceanico Victoria a Good Challenge to Tackle?

Many golfers feel the Oceanico Victoria is worth the trip. There are varying opinions on who would benefit the most. Few feel it is a great place for advanced and seasoned golfers. Others feel it is a good place to watch pro golfers tackle the course during tournaments.

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