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Golf Tips For Beginners: Fixing Common Shot Height Problems

There are a number of mistakes that beginners struggle with when they are just starting out, simple mistakes that if not watched carefully, can end up ruining your game, and any chance that you have in making sure you can get the best out of golfing. Shot height is one of these problems. There are so many amateur golfers who still struggle with this and if not addressed, it is something that they end up struggling with for a very long time into the future. Some of these things can be very frustrating as you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again, to the point where you eventually give up on the game altogether. That is a situation that we should never allow ourselves to get into.

  • With this problem the common effect is slicing the ball. You might try doing as much as you possibly can, but you might still end up slicing the ball. There are some players that decide to invent some insane swing so that they are able to change the direction of the ball in general, but this barely lasts because you have not sorted out the main problem that you are dealing with. Here are some simple tips that will help you fix these problems, and allow you to play with such finesse once again.
  • As you are addressing the ball, make sure that your head remains still and you keep your eyes glued to the ball at all times. There is that temptation to turn your head to see where the ball is going, but try as much as you can to resist this. You should never turn your head before the natural turn which normally happens as you follow through the swing with the club.
  • Taking your eyes off the ball even for a second means that you do not get the chance of making a perfect hit on it. You will also not make a clean hit, and end up making the same mistake that you are trying to avoid.
  • When you are making that shot, once again make sure that your left arm is stiff. Keep your elbows locked such that you can achieve a straight plane for swinging. Of course if you are left handed, the inverse applies. The swing must be straight and you should hit the ball squarely. Having your arms all over the place only makes it harder for you to hit the ball properly and in the right direction.

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