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Advanced Golf Tips: Chipping Distance Control

Chipping is one part of golf that requires a lot of control if it is to be done correctly. There are a number of factors to take into account when calculating the chipping distance as well as techniques that must be adhered to. Here is some quick advice on how to get your distance just right when chipping.

Shot power in relation to distance from the ball

When you plan to make a soft shot, stand closer to the ball. If the shot is to be fairly long, stand further back. The closer you are the more control you will attain. Soft shots require more control because they are not easy to pull off—especially if the club is designed to give the ball extra distance.

The pull back

The further your backswing, the further the ball will travel. If you are looking to control distance, learn to control how far back you pull your club and how far forward it ends up (the latter should always mirror the former). You will soon learn to gauge the result of your swing by playing often.

Take slopes into account

The angle at which the ball will role should be used in your favour. Take this into account when gauging distance because sometimes you will need to accommodate a down slope by hitting softer; or an up slope by hitting harder. It helps to play different courses so as to train your mind to make the right call.

Take wind into account

Wind will also affect your shot so be sure to accommodate for that too. The direction of the wind will be an especially important factor so watch out for side winds. If there is wind behind you, it goes without saying that you need to adjust your shot power accordingly. Don’t forget about rolling either, as wind will also affect that.

Practice with different clubs

It’s so important to get to know your equipment. Each chipping wedge will give you a different result and there will be times you will need to use your nine-iron instead. By getting familiar with your equipment through practice, your chipping distance control will improve immensely.

You will also see how different club lofts and heights affect your distance—but try to keep your swing consistent so that you don’t have to keep changing between techniques. If you maintain one technique, you can use a different club to achieve a different goal without confusing yourself.

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