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How Do You Play The Alamos Golf Course?

If you find yourself tired of the beach parties and festivals in Algarve, then this course will offer a serene alternative. Surrounded by mountains and farmland, the course allows for quiet reflection on your golf game—something you’ll need to reach par or better. Yes, while the scenery is quiet, the course is anything but. Here’s how to play the Alamos golf course.

Challenging fairways

The fairways may be the most challenging aspect of this golf course. They are riddled with slopes and most are quite narrow. The best way to tackle these fairways is to opt for accuracy over distance. If your opponent thinks hitting long shots is more important than aim, then chances are he or she will end up in the rough; allowing you the chance to catch up quickly.

Tight greens

Putting may be relatively easy on this course, but getting the ball onto the green in the first place can be a challenge. These greens are smaller than your average course; not to save space, but to add a challenge. Other short play techniques will have to be well implemented to deal with this aspect. Therefore, work well on your chipping and perhaps give some special attention to your bunker play—just in case.

18 short holes

The Alamos golf course is not as long as most Algarve courses. Collectively, the entire course averages about par 4. If you are a demanding player, this course will give you the challenge you desire. But beginners shouldn’t shy away either, as the course offers many sections that will train and refine your technique, while keeping it relatively short.

Avoid bunkers at all costs

The bunkers at Alamos are not the average bunkers you’re used to. It’s not uncommon to lose your ball in the sand or have it so deep down that it’s impossible to get out. Bunkers are not just wide; they’re deep too. The best cure in this case is definitely prevention. A good way to avoid these hazardous bunkers is to steer clear of them altogether or try to overshoot them. Get your iron play well established in preparation for this.

Alamos offers the perfect atmosphere conducive to golf concentration. Whether you’re a golfer who enjoys a good course, or one who enjoys a beautiful view, you will be hard pressed to find a course that is so comprehensive in its offering.

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