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A Manual For New Golfers: How To Upgrade Your Long Game

When it comes to playing golf, different instructors have different ideas in as far as long games and short games are concerned. It is important for you to make sure that you are able to learn which of them will work for you. Remember that every other time you are out on the golf course, so many things are different. You are looking at a different style of play every other time, and for the same reason it is important for you to ensure that you get your sights on the best experience that you can manage so far.

The debate between which is the better between the long and the short game can go on for as long as you care to listen. The main difference between the long game and the short game is that in the long game, you need more power and distance to get the ball over to the green with very few strokes, while the reverse is required of the short game. The short game focuses more on accuracy and finesse.

In terms of improving your long game, the following are useful ideas that will definitely come in handy for you. You must always remember that for you to be so good at golf, you must perfect your art in all of these types of games. The following are features that you have to learn to work with in order to improve your long game:


This is the first shot that you will take on a long game on a hole. You elevate the ball on a tee and strike it with a driver (a club with a large head). The ball needs to go as straight and as far as possible so that it sets in the perfect position for a fairway shot. In the event that you are playing with shorter holes, you can switch the driver for a fairway wood club.

The approach shot

By the time you are making an approach shot, you are close enough to the green and the ball is on the fairway. Here you will need a shorter club (the ones that are higher numbered) because what you need here is accuracy and precision. The ball needs to get as close to the hole as possible so that you do not have a harder time with putting.

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