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5 Things Every Golfer Ought To Know About The Overswing

Overswing is something that most golfers do. While some exceptional players manage to control the excesses swing, most of them struggle with it. Below are 5 points that’ll shed some light on this important element called overswing.

  1. An overswing happens when the club is taken past the point where it’s parallel to the ground at the time of the backswing. For golfers that control such a tricky maneuver the overswing is a key source of power. To pull this off golfers need extreme coordination of the various muscles and excellent ability to maintain the balance of the lower body. These two qualities are not very common amount golfers. In case of general golfers the overswing puts the club and the body totally out of sync and it would take a chain of complex countermoves to gain back perfect coordination.

  2. Experts of the game pin the blame for causing overswing on two factors: (i) Overswing happens when the left arm (in case of right-handed players) bends. This would take the club way back leading to an overswing; and (ii) The elbow of the right hand folds when it’s taken behind the body during the backswing.

  3. There a few different ways to prevent this problem. The first one is an effective, but tricky drill using a resistance band. Assume the normal golf stance, with the lead foot holding one end of the band and the other end around the grip of the club. When you attempt the backswing ensure there is some amount of resistance that curtails your backswing. This can effectively prevent overswing. To get the resistance just right, regular practice of this drill is a must.

  4. Another effective method to prevent an overswing is controlling the stretch of the glove thumb while holding the club. Shorten the glove thumb to gain better control over the backswing and reduce the chance of an overswing.

  5. Golfers need to be aware of what is happening during the backswing to find out the faults and make necessary adjustments. At the practice range, setup and attempt a swing. When the backswing is at the end point observe your posture and make sure the following elements are present. Your eyes must be focused on the ball. The body should be slightly leaning towards the target; make sure the spine angle is as vertical as possible. The trailing leg must balance your weight more than the lead leg. The knee of the trailing leg must be slightly flexed. The left arm must be relaxed and as mentioned above not bent. The wrist must be well under your control and the hand at the edge of the grip end. If the above things are in order, the chance of you having an overswing is minimal.

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