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Golf Drills On Ball Striking: 5 Ways To Improve Your Skills

Ball striking is the most exciting part of the game. Everybody wants to emulate the great ball strikers of the modern game like Rory Mcilroy and Sergio Garcia, shaping the ball different ways into greens, crunching irons into the turf and seeking out flags.

If you do want to hit shots that leave your playing partners with their jaws on the floor, here are 5 ways to improve your ball striking:

  1. Shape your shots
  2. You never want to try to hit a straight shot; always aim at the trouble and work the ball away from it. Very few golf holes are perfectly straight so you want to curve the ball either left to right or right to left. Hitting shots this way makes the game more fun as well. Remember: Practice this on the driving range first before you take it out on the course.

  3. Play the course on the driving range
  4. Don't just blast balls while you are practicing; imagine you are playing holes out on the course. Begin by taking out the driver and imagine you are on the first tee. Then, depending on how the ball lands, play the shot that you would have for your second shot. It goes without saying that you have to know the course well to do this exercise.

  5. Get the ball position right
  6. One drill you can do is lay a ruler or stick on the ground from your left heel to the ball so that you know that the ball is in the right spot every time. Getting your ball position right will improve your consistency.

  7. Hit balls off a high tee peg
  8. Another drill that will improve your ball striking is tee the ball very high and hit 6 and 7-irons. If you swing too hard doing this, you will catch the ball off the top of the blade and it will feel horrible - the vibration will go all the way up your arm. This drill will force you to swing slowly and take the ball cleanly off the high tee. Lastly, this drill will also force you swing more around your body.

  9. Practice more and play less
  10. Dont use time out on the course to work on your game. On the course is where you should let it all go but the practice ground is where you improve your game. Aim for a 80/20 split with time spent playing and time spent working on your game. Most golfers play all the time and don't work on their game.

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