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The Most Efficient Forearm Twist Exercises To Improve Shot Accuracy

Forearm exercises can give golfers an advantage while being beneficial to their golf game. Such exercises help golfers obtain better gripping, increase club speed and even distance potential. The good news is there are many exercises golfers can do that is easy and require no expensive equipment. As long as you are willing to devote time and be consist with actions, results can be obtained in due time. As you learn about different exercises consider which options are best for you and your abilities. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Wrist curls with dumbbells or food cans. This can be done in different ways including one at a time, alternate between hands, and palms up or down positions. Hold the dumbbell in each hand and lift your hands to make your wrist curl. Your arms would also move up and down as you curl your wrists. This also helps stretch muscles in the wrist and makes them more flexible.
  • Wrist curls with barbells. This is the same technique as above but may need more space since barbells are bigger. You can also consider using larger hand weights depending on how much weight you are comfortable working with. Overtime, work to add more weight to improve resistence.
  • Single arm wrist curl. While in sitting position put elbow on your leg and put fingers in a fist, put other hand on fist and try to prevent fist wrist from curling to build resistance.
  • Crumple paper into a ball but use one hand. This is likely one of the easier exercises to do and some people have done this in the past without realizing benefits. This is a simple exercise that works to strengthen muscles in fingers and wrist. It can be done with newspaper. Take the paper and lay it on a flat surface. Grab from the center or a corner and start crumpling until the paper is in a ball. Do this with just one hand, and then alternate.
  • Use a wet towel and wring it out with palms upward. This is another simple exercise people may do regularly. Think about wringing out a wash cloth. You are doing the same thing except with a towel since it can hold more water. You can do this exercise with palms down as well, or with one palm up and down.

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