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Top 5 Golf Tips For Hitting Accurate Drives In The Wind

Playing golf in the wind can really challenge your abilities and your confidence. As you get more comfortable playing in such conditions it comes down to make slight adjustments to the club you use, your stance and distance judgment. While having tips to help you can give you improved results, it is important to remember to practice often so you can see results when you are tested on the course. Here are 5 tips to help you hit more accurate shots in the wind.

  1. For additional control choke up and of the deck. This will encourage a better result when you swing and better tempo. Many golfers may feel this will give more control as you swing to make your shot, but this also helps you maintain control of the ball without adding to much pressure to make it roll further.
  2. Have the ball back in your stance further. In some cases having the ball further back in your stance allows for more control. This aspect gives you advantage in preventing the ball from going to high into the air when you make contact. You want to avoid getting the ball too high into the air or it can get caught in the wrong direction of the wind.
  3. Curve the ball to make it go in the wind direction when dealing with side winds. When you have a good sense of wind direction you can hit the ball to make it go in that direction. Keep in mind to reduce your backswing and watch where the ball makes contact on your club face to achieve the right curve.
  4. When playing with the wind get your ball up quickly. Consider using a 3 or 5-wood to help you. Change clubs when necessary for better result. Don’t be afraid to change clubs. In some cases you may learn which options are best for certain wind directions.
  5. Grip down when playing into the wind. This will encourage a shorter swing. Gripping down will encourage you to have controlled balance. This element alone has been known to catch golfers off guard. Once you achieve good balance it reduces elements of gravity. This will allow the ball to move more on its own through the wind and reduce risk of getting catch or roll in the wrong direction.

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