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How To Tackle Your Wedge Play Issues On The Golf Course

Wedge shots can be easier shots to achieve when you know how to tackle the move correctly to get the best result. Wedge shots are common when setting up for birdie plays or turning a bogey into a par quickly. Yet, many golfers have fears that turn into mistakes and end up achieving poor results. The path of your shot should be out and in with steep movement. To get a better idea of what to do here are 4 tips to help you fix wedge play problems.

  1. Make sure your setup is proper for the shot. Avoid standing too far from the ball. Have open stance to help you make shorter swings you can recover from. Some golfers may not pay attention to their stance, or think it is not that big of a deal, but in this case it can make a difference in how you swing toward the ball and your end result.
  2. Avoid having an open clubface. This can be tricky since a wedge shot can make it difficult for you to determine positioning of your clubface. Keep club head aligned with your leading edge and think about imaginary line running from the ball to your target. Focusing on the line the ball will take to your target can help you keep your club head in position as it makes contact with the ball.
  3. Control your distance. The best way to achieve distance control is to practice. Think about your backswing and how you find range before hitting the ball. Your backswing has a considerable position when it comes to distance control. In other words, the further back you go into your backswing the further the ball can travel based on power behind it.
  4. Keep your legs in place to ensure good tempo throughout your swing. Power of your swing with your club should come from your hands and arms with hips closed. A good tempo helps establish clean contact with the ball and good follow through. Hand and arms in position will help control your swing while keeping the club head on its established plane.

Additional Tips on Improving Wedge Play Results

Practice the motion of swinging with your iron. You can do this on the practice green or at home. Get clear understanding of proper body positioning and your stance at address for better results.

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