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A Golf Tutorial on How to Choose the Right Wedge for an Approach Shot

Knowing how far you can hit each one of the clubs in your bag is an important skill for any golfer. Success on the golf course is all about controlling the position of your ball as much as possible to avoid hazards, leave easier shots around the greens, etc. When you are able to hit the ball a predictable distance time and again, your scores are sure to go down. While this skill is important all around the course, it is especially vital when it comes to the wedge game. An approach shot with a wedge is one that you would like to get close to the hole, so controlling the distance of the shot is essential.

Use the following tips for picking the right wedge on short approach shots –

  • Record your distances. The preparation for a given approach shot should have started many rounds ago, when you started writing down the yardage that you hit each shot with your wedges. Simply by making a note of how far you can hit all of your wedges on a consistent basis, it will get much easier to pull the right club at the right time. Simply consult your distance chart from previous rounds and you should quickly be able to pick out the right wedge for the job.
  • Check for hazards. Picking the right club for a given shot is about more than just knowing the yardage. You also need to take a look at the green complex and decide where it is okay to miss – and where you need to avoid. For example, if there is water short of the green, take the wedge that will error on the long side so you can avoid the hazard if nothing else.
  • Watch the slope. Pay attention to the slope of the ground under your feet to make any adjustments that are necessary to your wedge selection. If the ground is sloped up toward the target, you will need to take an extra club as the slope will cause the flight of the ball to be higher – and therefore shorter. The opposite is true from a downhill lie. In this case, you may be able to use less club than usual and expect the flight of the ball to come out lower than normal, adding distance to the shot.

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