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5 Facts You Should Know About The Penina Golf Course

One of the nicest Algarve courses to play is the Penina golf course. It speaks out the exact message of its designer who is reported as saying that it was his favourite golf course out of all of them he designed. It’s not a terribly difficult course to play, although there are certain challenging aspects that may take someone by surprise. Here are five facts you should know about the course before playing.

  • Who designed the course?
  • Sir Henry Cotton was the designer of the Penina golf course. When he came across the ground, he saw a measure of potential that no one else seemed to notice. The ground was relatively even, but there were multiple water ditches in the ground which made for difficult reconstruction. Despite this and many other challenges, Sir Henry Cotton finished the course and it is now one of the most popular in Algarve.

  • What type of player should play this course?
  • Players of all levels will enjoy this course. Those looking for an exceptional challenge may find it a bit easier than others, but they will still enjoy some unexpected strategic placements of traps and water hazards.

  • What hazards should I look out for?
  • A notable characteristic of the Penina golf course is the fact that all those water ditches Sir Henry Cotton encountered were converted into miniature water hazards that the golfer needs to look out for. This is quite a unique feature, one that the creator was rather proud of.

  • What’s the hardest aspect of the course?
  • There are lots of trees on this course which can sometimes get in the way of your shot. Another aspect that is sometimes challenging is the small water hazards which have been placed all over to accommodate the previous terrain.

  • What skills should I polish up on before playing?
  • Before coming to the Penina golf course, try working on your pitching. There are lots of small hazards all over the course and pitching will help you to avoid them. Another technique worth polishing up on is your putting. The fairways can be tricky at times, so make sure you get some extra practice in.

Overall, the Penina golf course is one you must try if you are ever in Algarve. Bring your friends with and enjoy the rich historic story that is Sir Henry Cotton’s favourite golf course.

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