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5 Fundamental Things To Know About Grip Pressure In Golf

On a wet day, golfers often complain that they were unable to keep their grips dry. As soon as a golfer has no confidence that his or her grip is good, the likelihood of a good shot fades. It is often an excuse because poor conditions can creep into a golfer’s mind and the result is that their performance level drops. The hands are the only point of contact with the club and even if every other element of stance and swing are good, that will be to no avail with the hands doing their job. That starts with the grip.

The key to a consistent strike is a good grip and that is both having the hands in the right position but also ensuring that the grip is firm enough so that the club head should not be able to move offline when it hits rough before the ball yet it is important to avoid tension.

  • You need to hold the club gently yet strong enough that you don’t drop it; think of something fragile!
  • Whether you prefer the interlocking or overlapping grip the hands must work together in order to ensure the club face does not move out of line.
  • The club head is resting at the beginning of the stance and is then taken back to the top. Good golfers may well generate 100 mph speed by the time the head strikes the ball. The grip must be strong enough to handle that speed so that the club face strikes the ball square.
  • The grip in the last three fingers of the left hand which is the bottom hand for right handed golfers must be stronger than in the other fingers. It is important that factor does not allow the left hand to become stronger than the right.
  • If it is wet, you need to keep the grips dry and keep your hands and golf glove dry. As long as you do that you should resist the temptation to tighten your grip in case you lose your club. Don’t be distracted by the rain.

There is enough tension in a game of golf without getting it in the hands. A three foot putt can take on enormous significance at times. You won’t drop a putter so grip it lightly and stay in control. Apply that rule to each of your clubs with these few tips.

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