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How To Make A Great 40-Yard Pitch Shot From Deep Rough

Have you ever taken time to ask yourself what the difference is between the professionals and yourself when making thee pitch shots from the deep rough? Of course there has to be something more to their game apart from the experience that sets them apart from you. Don’t you ever wonder how it is that they manage to hit the low scores every other time?

Well the main secret behind their game is the fact that they take time to practice more often than you do. Apart from that, they always make sure that they land their pith shots as close as possible to the hole. If you are not doing any of these two things, chances are high that you will certainly keep getting things wrong. However, let’s take time and make your work less burdening.

The pitch shot is one of the most important shots because of the high trajectory that comes with it. Apart from that, when this shot lands anywhere close enough to the green, it will roll a little, not like most of the other shots. One of the other reasons why you need to learn to make the perfect 40 yard pitch is because the pitch shot is one of the most commonly used shots in this game, besides putting and teeing off. Because of the trajectory, this is a very good shot when you are closer to the green, since the ball will almost certainly remain on the green instead of rolling away. When you are anywhere between 10 and 80 yards from the green, this is your best bet.

To make a good pitch shot, you must set yourself in the perfect position and use the full swing motion. You will also need the 9 iron to help you get some good yards on this shot. You will need to make sure that your stance is rather narrower than normal, and you also reduce the length of the swing to get an effective pitch shot.

The result of the reduction in the motion of the swing will get you better control over the distance and the direction you want the ball to take. Since your stance will be a bit narrower than the width of your shoulder, there is a good chance that you will end up getting the yards on your pitch and keep the accuracy in check too.

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