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5 Thoughts on How to Play the Gramacho Course in Algarve

The Gramacho Golf Course in Algarve is known as one of the most challenging courses in the area. This should not intimidate golfers but want to make them more ambitious on how to complete a hole with success. Because there are different elements of the course you should consider, it helps to research the course and study its layout to understand challenges you are up against. Here are 5 thoughts to consider when understanding how to play the Gramacho course in Algarve.

  1. Study course map for each hole to understand potential strategies to use. An important thought to consider for playing on the Gramacho Golf Course includes studying the layout of the course. You can view a map of the course and even the layout of each hole up close. This gives a good idea of what you are up against and you can think about your strategy before making rounds; saving you more time on the course.
  2. Use scorecard provided by the course to help you set goals. The course also provides a peek at their scorecard. You can use this to set goals for each hole as far as how many strokes to play and what you want to accomplish. This is also a good time to get assistance in using the scorecard if you have questions or concerns.
  3. Review rules and etiquette carefully set by the course and use them to your benefit. The course provides clear easy to understand regulations and etiquette for players to abide by. This information is crucial as it provides additional information about markers on the course and what to look for while playing. This information will also help you understand what to pack and how to dress while playing your rounds.
  4. Consider joining a tournament via membership setup by the course. The Gramacho Golf Course offers membership options for golfers. You can learn more about it through their website or by contacting them before your visit. Members have more privileges which could be beneficial while on your trip.
  5. Arrange to take lessons at the golf academy for playing a few rounds. To help you get comfortable playing on their course you could consider taking lessons. Individuals and groups may be eligible. You can practice on the range and really get a feel for what to expect when on your own.

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