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Golf Instruction On How To Get Out Of A 50-Yard Bunker

Long bunkers require bunker shots that not only lift the ball out of the sand, but also put a significant amount of distance on the ball to get it out. This balance between height and distance is not easy to accomplish when your ball is lying on a soft surface. However, it isn’t impossible. Here are three techniques to incorporate into your bunker shot to achieve this goal.

Dig yourself in

The first part of getting a ball out of a long bunker is to stabilize yourself as well as you can. Sand beneath your feet may hinder your shot so don’t be afraid to dig them in deep so that you have a sturdy stance. Don’t go so deep that your height is compromised but try and get in deep enough so that your feet will not move during the swing. This will ensure a nice solid swing and also give you the base you need to concentrate on your bunker swing technique.

Stand towards the front of the ball

You will ensure distance if you stand ahead of the ball instead of right in the middle. This means that the ball should be closer to your back foot. When you make your swing, you will get more of a push. That push is what will propel your ball forward. Standing this way at address will also give you loads of control. Your aim will be on target and the amount of power will also be gauged more easily.

Get your clubface through the sand

When you make a normal bunker shot from a small bunker, the clubface will usually stop at the sand and push the ball more up than forward. However, to get out of a long bunker, you will need to follow through with your wedge. Make sure the clubface goes all the way through the sand so that the ball gets the force it needs to move. Depending on how deep the ball is buried, you will need to gauge how deep your club must go. If the ball is not buried too deep, hit the ball and the sand. If it is deep, you will need to hit more of the sand so that it pushes the ball forward. In both instances, make sure you follow through. With some practice, you should be able to reach a distance of 50 yards with this shot.

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