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10 Things You Need To Know About Links Golf Courses

Playing in a ‘link course’ or ‘golf link’ is a different experience – that is vastly poles apart to the one you get to enjoy on a regular course. There are certain people who claim that golf on a links course is the purest and oldest form of this Gentleman’s Game. There is some truth to this statement. Anyway, the point of this article is to explain to the audience certain facts about link golf courses. Let’s begin.

  1. People use the term ‘Link Golf Courses’ in different contexts. Some use it as a synonym for the phrase ‘Golf Course’ and there are people who use this term to indicate courses without or with very few trees. Actually, the term ‘links’ refers to a strip of land that lies between the farmland and the beach or coastline. Using the word ‘Links’ to courses that are treeless is not entirely right.
  2. In those days, the link lands were too sandy to support any kind of agricultural activity, so people used them as play field. The game they played on these sandy lands with sticks and ball later become golf.
  3. Links are golf courses that have very few or no trees, but are covered by native grass.
  4. Links are courses that usually have sandy soil as their foundation.
  5. Gusty winds and moisture in the air are characteristics of link golf courses.
  6. Typically, you’ll find plenty of bunkers in links. The bunkers here are deep to avert sand being carried away by strong wind.
  7. Most links golf courses have either, ‘out and in’ or ‘out and back’ design.
  8. Courses of this nature are laid on dry and porous sandy soil, which makes the grass bed quick and firm. Players will also find the fairways crusty and the greens, elevated and bumpy. These features make links different and more challenging than a parkland course.
  9. Golfers would find most of the greens in link courses allow run-up shots (i.e.) it’s easy to play the kind of shots that allow the ball bounce and roll on the green.
  10. You may remember one of the most famous phrases, some experts say to golfers – the ground is your friend. They might have had link course in their mind while expressing this statement. A similar opinion expressed by many is that in parkland courses the trick is to ‘play in the air’ whereas links are all about ‘playing on the ground’. The conditions on the links – windy, elevated greens, crusty fairways, fast grass – are such that players can easily run the ball to the pin.

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