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Introduction To Specialty Shots: Hitting The Punch

If you wish to play a game of golf and it’s windy, there is a high probability you will not hit the greens or fairways in regulation. You must learn the skill of specialty shots to resolve the issue. A golfer is always intrigued to master the specialty shots such as the punch shot, knockdown shot, and the lob. This article will specifically talk about the technique of punch shot.

A punch shot is played when you want to lower the trajectory of the golf ball with minor changes to your normal stance as well as swing.

Common reasons for playing a punch shot

  • If you are playing in strong windy conditions, this shot reduces the effect of wind on your golf ball when it is in flight. If you hit the ball into a strong crosswind, the higher the ball flies, the effect of wind would increase. Hence, the punch shot will negate the effect of wind to some extent.
  • If you wish the ball to land below something present in its normal flight, such as tree branches, you will practice this shot and attempt to keep the ball low so that it crosses underneath the obstacle.

Tips to hit the punch shot

  1. Place the ball in middle of your stance:
  2. In order to attain a low trajectory of the golf ball, you have to keep the ball in the middle or at the back of your stance. In this way, you will hit down on the golf ball while impacting thereby reducing the club loft.

  3. Apply maximum weight on your left side
  4. Another method of hitting down the golf ball is shifting your maximum weight to your left. Note this instruction is for a right-handed golfer. The distribution of weight should be in an equal proportion to attain a regular trajectory of the golf ball.

  5. Keep your wrists forward and firm
  6. You must bring the wrist forward in order to reduce the club’s loft at impact. Loose wrists will create a lesser grip on the club head at impact, thus you will hit a lofted shot. Firm wrists will help you guide the punch shot properly.

  7. 3/4 backswing & shorter follow-through
  8. A 3/4 backswing helps you control the shot better especially if you hit a low punch shot. You can get a stable swing as you transfer the maximum weight on your left side.

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