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How to Enjoy Golf in Cold Weather and Achieve Brilliant Results

When it is chilling cold outside, the idea of golf seems a bit difficult. But, playing golf in such weather gives entirely unique and pleasant feeling. Therefore, you need to be careful about just a few things and enjoy your favorite sport in this beautiful weather.

Take a walk

Rather than riding a golf cart, you can walk around the golf course. Walking keeps your body warm even when the weather is chilling cold. You can hit better shots with a warmed up body.

Warm hands

Walking may keep your feet warm but may not help your hands. And golf is all about the movement of your hands and arms. You can consider keeping hand warmers inside your pockets. Or you can also wear two sets of gloves. To be certain that your hands should not lose finesse or control of the golf clubs, you have to make sure that your hands stay warm.

Warmth of the golf ball

It sounds absurd but the keeping the golf ball warm is also a part of the game. Cold golf ball cannot travel much further in cold weather. With a cold ball, you may lose at least 3-5 yards for every 10 degrees of temperature drop, considering the density of the air. Therefore, to keep the ball warm, you can place it in your pocket between the holes. You can also carry an extra golf club in this weather.

Layer the clothing

If you wear too many clothes, you will feel tied up in clothes and this will adversely affect your swing. In such cases, the best thing to do is to layer the clothing. Wearing thermal garments under your clothes gives a lot of warmth in cold weather. And thermal t-shirt should have full sleeves; sleeveless thermals do not give enough warmth. If the weather is windy too, you can wear a wind cheater too. You can also cover your head with a hat.

Have practical golf expectations

It is better to be realistic. The scoring average generally intensifies during cold weather. The golf ball may not go very far because of the chill and the stiffness of your body. The important thing is that you still managed to come out of your blanket to play golf. Taking a long break from golf is not a good idea.

Thus, it is better that you play golf at least weekly even if the weather affects your mood and decision. Moreover, playing golf in cold benefits the efficiency of the players. When the climate becomes normal, you will come out as a better player because of the challenges you faced in the adverse weather.

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