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The Importance of Proper Exercise and Stretching in Golf

Stretching and exercising go hand in hand. This means it is not just for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Golfers also benefit from regular exercise in many ways. No matter the level of play, you can exercise regularly to improve your golf performance. It is important to do both since it helps your body and brain stay in tip top shape.

It can keep your golf game from going stale. Even if you suffer from chronic pain you can still enjoy a few rounds of golf with the right exercises to suit your needs. Here are a few points to help golfers understand the significance behind exercise and stretching in golf.

  • Improve swing ability. When you exercise and stretch muscles regularly this can help you produce fuller golf swings that become fluid. Overall, you can improve golf performance on the course.
  • Reduce injury risk. There are parts of the body that are important to how you play golf on the course (back, shoulders and pelvis for example). There are exercises and stretches that can help improve muscle movement, while encouraging proper use without straining or pulling muscle tissues.
  • Reduce aches and pains. Advanced players and beginners benefit from simple routines that include exercise or stretching. Some players experience soreness. This could be due to poor posture or lack of proper stretching of muscles before playing rounds.
  • Help minimize chronic pain. For golfers that experience discomfort such as lower back pain or arthritis, regular exercise and stretching can help decrease levels of discomfort so you can be more relaxed on the course.
  • Helps player focus and be relaxed. Light exercise and stretching can help reduce tension normally experienced in upper shoulders, arms and wrist areas. This can help you gain more control of your swing.
  • Develop better form and posture. Some players have problems finding the right form when they get ready to address the ball. For others, it is a matter of getting used to being in a certain position with better posture. Exercise in some ways helps players adopt better form which in turn, can lead to better posture.
  • Improve range and motion. There are exercises and stretches great for golfers that benefit motion and range. These aspects not only help you improve swing, but it will help players become more aware of their body strength.

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