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What To Do If I Keep Pushing My Shots In Golf?

Before teeing off, you relax and mentally prepare for the stroke, you feel everything is in order, but when you make the hit instead of getting the ball to curve, it stays to the right. You unwittingly play the push shot. Even seasoned golf pros sometimes push shots, but that’s no excuse for you to persist with it. To a large extent pushing happens due to mistakes in setup and alignment.

Here are a few tips to get rid of the push shot:

  • Where to place the ball?
  • Ball positioning is perhaps the most vital aspect of the setup. To get the shot right, the clubface must be square to the target and for that the ball must be placed forward in your stance. If you’ve chosen a shorter iron, it’s okay to bring the ball a little back in your stance. But, don’t forget that most push shots happen because the ball is placed too far back.

  • The distance between your feet
  • Many players have a problem with maintaining a proper stance. Golfers who constantly push the ball have a wide stance (i.e.) too much gap between their feet. When using an iron club, having a wide stance will essentially block the transfer of weight onto the left foot (in case of a right-handed player) and result in pushing the ball to the right. Make absolutely sure that the distance between the feet is no more than your shoulder width.

  • Pushing happens if you aim to the right of the target
  • No. We are not joking. This may sound silly, but most golfers don’t aim straight to the target, they unconsciously aim to the right of the target. May be, they are getting drawn into that position. You can certainly avoid the mistake by aligning your body and feet square to the target.

  • Don’t fall back on your heels
  • Your body movement – the key to a perfect swing – will be messed up if you fall back on your heels. With the weight on the heels, the swing will send the ball to the right. Being on your toes will help you easily move the weight to the front foot and keep the iron moving towards the spot you’ve set eyes on.

  • Spinning and sliding of the lower body
  • If there is too much spinning and sliding of the hips, the upper body tends to stay back in the swing. This’ll shift the weight of the body to the heels and make the clubface open up, and the result will be a push. Correct this by making your shoulder and hips turn at the right speed and distance.

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