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How to Tackle an Uphill Lie on a Golf Course

Most of the golf courses go up the hill; ascending up the land; and are not flat. Golfers have to hit a shot off the slope every now and then. So if you are new at golfing or unaware of how to tackle with uphill lies on a golf course then reading this will be of great help.

  • Sidehill lies are the positions of the ball; it may be above or below your feet. The case may also be like this that you have to stand halfway up or down the slope. You need to make an adjustment if you are facing any or all of these conditions. The common factor that will either help you win or make you lose is how you balance the relationship between your shoulders and the slope.
  • If the ball is placed above your feet then you have to lean in a bit into the hill to keep balance. You will fall backward if you stand in your normal posture, because of the uphill. Because of the lean you will also get closer to the ball.
  • If the ball is below your feet then you should lean back so as to retain your balance on the slope. You will be farther away from the ball as you lean back. Using the whole length of the shaft of club, hit it while holding just by the corner.
  • If you are to hit the ball uphill then let your body weight shift to your right leg. That will automatically happen as standing on the downhill slope, your left leg will be higher than the right one. That way, your shoulders will be parallel to the slope of the hill, making it easy and comfortable for you to shoot.
  • If the ball needs to go downhill, let your body weight shift to your left leg, which will also happen automatically since your right leg will be higher than the left one. Try to keep your shoulder parallel with the banister.
  • Finally, when aiming for the ball, do it according to the slope. If you have to hit down the slope then aim left and if you have to hit up of it, aim right.
  • If you are on an uphill lie, prefer using a club with fewer lofts because there, the balls fly higher. If on downhill lie, use a club with more lofts since balls there have a low trajectory.

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