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Professional Advice On How To Stop Skying The Golf Ball

How to get the ball to go the right distance

Whether you are an amateur golfer or have years of experience in playing golf, there are always some games which just don’t turn out the way you want them to. Often you mistime the shots or misalign yourself. But the most common mistake that most golfers make is skying the shots.

This not only sends the ball flying right into the sky, off the target completely, but also creates a huge scratch on your driver. This can affect your swing in the next golf game. Here is how you can avoid skying the ball:

Don’t tee the golf ball so high

When you tee the golf ball too high, the top of your golf club hits the ball at impact and not the center. This throws off your aim completely and the ball goes flying into the sky. What you should do is to tee your ball in such a manner that you should be able to see only half of the ball over the top of the club.

Get the right body weight

Often on the downswing, you might put the wrong kind of weight and hit the ball too steeply which makes the club go underneath the ball. What you should do is to try and keep all your body weight behind the golf ball when you are going to strike it.

Keep your chest slightly tilted back

In fact you should keep the middle of your chest area tilted towards the back and away from the bal. This is to ensure that the golf club’s angle of impact is correct and it can get the ball the right elevation in the correct direction. But be careful to not tilt too back or you could end up missing the target altogether. Just make sure your head is behind the ball when you are striking it.

These expert tips help you understand what mistakes you could be doing that make the ball go up in the air rather than towards your target.

These are mistakes that anyone can make, so don’t be too hard on yourself about it. Just keep practicing every day and perfect your alignment and stance and within no time sky shots will be a thing of the past. All in all just keep your love for the game intact and go ahead and swing away at the golf ball like a pro!.

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