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Top 4 Challenging Courses To Visit During Your Golf Break In Almancil

If you are the kind of player who appreciates a challenge, Almancil is the perfect location for you to consider the next time when you are planning your holiday. There are a lot of incredible courses here from where you will be able to do the prefect golf break and end up with a really awesome time. Remember that as long as you are planning on being better at golf, you must also find challenges and rise to the occasion. Without this you will simply end up struggling.

The following are 4 of the most challenging courses that you can take time to visit when you are in Almancil. Once you play on them and conquer them, there is virtually nothing that will stop you from seeking bigger challenges elsewhere:

  • Quinta do Lago
  • Laranjal
  • Vale do Lobo
  • Oceanico O’Connor

Quinta do Lago

Quinta do Lago is perhaps one of the most popular golf courses that you will come across when you come to Almancil. This is a course that has some history behind it, and when you are here, a challenge is the last thing that you will ever lack.


The Laranjal might have a name that almost sounds like royalty, but let not the allure of the name fool you. If you are not up to speed on your game, this is one course that will almost certainly floor you. When you come to play here, you have to bring your best game so far.

Vale do Lobo

The incredible beauty of Vale do Lobo has in the recent past fooled a lot of players. This is perhaps one of the best courses whose challenges are properly disguised in the beautiful horizon. Indeed the series of courses here have amazing views of the ocean, and if you fall for these, you will certainly flop at your challenge.

Oceanico O’Connor

One thing that you will notice about Oceanico O’Connor and the rest of the other courses here is that at first sight, they look really beautiful, which they certainly are. However, when you get on to the course and overcome the beauty, it will take some wits and your best game so far for you to be in a good position to conquer these courses.

Well, since you are already up for the challenge, nothing should stop you now. Go on and have a good time in Almancil.

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