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5 Good Reasons To Visit Laranjal Golf Course In Algarve

A rush of emotions swept through my body. Finally, I played at the Laranjal Golf Course – one of the finest courses in Europe. Even after months I still remember my time on the fantastic Laranjal Golf Course. If you’ve not visited this course before, you need to visit now. In this article, we give you 5 good reasons to play on this world class course.

Location of the course

The Laranjal Course did not turn out like the others in Quinta do Lago, it is way better. Since its opening in 2009, the course has attracted millions of visitors and the number of guests is increasing day by day. One of the many factors that are responsible for the course’s success is its location. The distance between the Faro International Airport and the course isn’t much. Within minutes, you can reach the course by hiring a cab or taking the local bus. Another noteworthy point happens to be the surrounding Orangery trees that add beauty to the course.


Golf is not just about enjoying nature, it’s also pro-nature. To prevent wasteful use of water, the management of the course has built the most advanced water drainage and irrigation system to recycle the used water. Sensors that keep a tab on the moisture levels and other parameters have been installed for each part/zone of the course. These sensors will greatly reduce the wastage of water resource.

One with nature

You won’t find structure made of concrete anywhere close to the course. The only building standing near the course is the Clubhouse, which is the ideal place to relax after a round of golf. The architect of the Laranjal Golf Course, Jorge Santana da Silva succeeded in designing a course that’s in harmony with the natural landscape of the region.

A challenging course

No one has ever mastered this course the first time they’ve played here. The fairways are narrow, the greens well defended, and the bunkers and water hazards strategically placed to make you sweat for a decent score. To have even the slightest chance of performing well on this course, golfers must possess accuracy, power, and concentration. The players have to negotiate five lakes at this course.

Interesting holes

This par-72 course is 6482 meters in size and has 5 par-3s, 8 par-4s, and 5 par-5s. The first part of the course, comprising of 9-holes has more water hazards than the other half. The most interesting point of the course lies between hole-8 and hole-9 and it’s called the Spectator’s Mount. Golfers have to be extra careful (i.e.) more accurate and focused, while playing hole-12, hole-13, and hole-14.

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