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Professional Golf Tips For Hitting It From The Rough

Hitting a ball from the rough can be challenging. Many golfers hate this shot because you don’t get much distance when poorly executed. In some cases the ground is uneven or you are working to hit the ball through thick grass. If you are not getting enough distance when making your shot your execution may need adjusting. Golfers having issues with this shot may not approach it from the right angle, literally. You need to determine the best way to hit the ball at an angle to help it come up and forward. This will also help you get better distance. Here are a few things to consider when hitting a ball in rough lie.

  1. Think about the amount of grass you may come in contact with as you swing your club. Try to predict how much will be lifted during impact between the ball and your clubface. If you catch less grass the can fly too high. If you catch too much grass your distance and speed will suffer. To help catch the right amount during your swing consider your club selection. You want a club that helps you control swing speed while establishing good contact through the swing. Work to keep the amount of grass the comes up to a minmum.
  2. Choke up on your club about an inch. Some players recommend taking an extra club when doing this. It gives you better impact and good stability through the shot. The middle of your stance is where the ball should be positioned. If you are playing with a hybrid golf club assume the same position but have the ball an inch closer to you. Few players like to tackle this shot with a hybrid as they help cut through grass with ease.
  3. Shorten your backswing just a bit by a quarter. In other words your backswing goes back three-quarters. Your front foot will have most of your body weight. This should help you focus on making a clean sweep with the ball or a good catch in contact. Use a V-shape swing if the lie is deep. Be watchful when the ball sits deep in the lie. You can try pitching the ball toward the fairway to stay in par and try the shot again when you get on the green.

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