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What To Do If You Keep Hitting The Ball Fat

The ground that gets hit before you golf ball can have a devastating effect on your aim—not to mention the grass. Players who hit fat shots are almost always making the same mistakes. The first is addressing the ball at the incorrect height. The second is incorrect weight distribution. The third is incorrect foot placement at setup and during the swing. These three drills are the best ways to combat these mistakes.

  1. Check that your clubface will meet the correct low point
  2. Your clubface must meet the ball in such a way that the sweet spot is connected. To make sure this will happen during your swing (which is where it counts) make a slow dummy shot. Keep your body still and make your swing in slow motion to see where the centre of the clubface will meet. If it’s too far behind the ball, correct your stance. Then, when you swing, make sure your body’s height doesn’t change. Keep your knees steady throughout.

  3. Balance on the front parts of your feet
  4. It’s very difficult to hit a fat shot if you are properly balanced. Balance yourself on the centre-front parts of your feet. This will centralize your balance. Just make sure that you maintain this balance throughout the entire stroke. Do not distribute your weight during the shot as this is completely unnecessary. Here again, it will help to make a slow dummy shot to ensure that your body and setup position is correct.

  5. Keep your feet pointing straight throughout the shot
  6. A common mistake that causes fat shots is having your feet pointed outwards. Shift your feet to be pointing directly ahead. Also line up the front of your feet with your target. Combining your balancing as mentioned in point 2 and having your feet lined up properly will automatically cause you to hit the golf ball correctly.

As you can see, feet play a huge part in setting up properly. With this in mind, make a point of practicing these drills and preparing yourself for the next game. You will start to see a significant improvement in your game and make less and less fat shots as time goes by. Should you continue to struggle with fat shots, go back and double check whether you are setting up correctly on all three of the points mentioned above.

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