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Golf Holidays in Portugal: Where to Look for Top-Quality Courses

There are plenty of great reasons to take a golf holiday to Portugal – but playing some of the top courses in the country has to be high on that list. There are numerous high-quality courses located all around this scenic country, and the chance to play even a couple of them is an exciting opportunity. However, before you head to Portugal to enjoy your vacation, you should carefully plan your trip to make sure you are going to be able to play some of these great courses.

As you are planning your trip and looking for high quality courses to play, try using the following tips –

  • Find ‘Top Ten’ Lists. There are many websites devoted to golf courses, and plenty of them have ‘top ten’ style lists that will provide you with the names of great courses to take a closer look at. You don’t need to use these lists as the final word on where you should golf – rather, just think of them as a reference to get you started. Once you have the names of some of the top golf destinations in Portugal, you can then to further research to learn which ones you are most interested in visiting.
  • Read reviews. Similar to the first tip, reading reviews of golf courses that are written by other golfers is a good way to gather information. Review sites are easy to find, and you will likely encounter no shortage of opinions on any given course you are interested in playing. Remember that everyone has different tastes and expectations, so just because a course has one or two bad reviews doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve your attention. Try to get information from a wide number of sources before making your choices.
  • Use a map. It is easy to find satellite maps online today, and they can be particularly useful when planning a golf trip – provided you know where it is you want to visit. For example, if you are going to stay in a particular city in the Algarve region in the south of Portugal, you can bring that area up on the map and look around for golf courses nearby. Golf courses are easy to spot on a satellite map, so this method should be quick and easy to help you locate all of the local golf options near the cities that you would like to visit.

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