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Golf Drills: How To Make Sure Your Putting Is Up To Scratch

One element of golf that is important to your game is putting. There are golfers that don’t put enough attention on this element as it can make or break your game play. This can help you obtain lower scores overtime when you establish good techniques to help you make your rounds. Golf drills can help you improve certain elements related to putting. Yet, you need to understand mechanical elements behind the concept to know what type of drills can be most effective. Here are some tips to help you review your putting skills.

Check Your Setup and Approach including Grip, Stroke and Alignment

Keeping your putting skills up to par includes reviewing what you do prior to taking your shots. Think about your setup and how you approach the shot. Are there elements that could be improved? What about the position of your body as you make your shot? Do you release when you swing to make contact? Making changes to such aspects can make a difference in your putting abilities.

Establish Proper Ball Position and How to Properly Hit the Ball

If is recommended to place the ball at mid-stance or at the middle of your stance. This can help you achieve better striking contact. Do you notice where you actually hit the ball when you strike it? If you hit the back of the ball it can help you create a straighter path for it to travel than if you hit the middle area of the ball. This means you need to have good control of your club head as you complete your swing motion.

Check Your Stance and Establish Good Balance

When you have proper stance your balance will be in line. This includes checking positioning of your feet, arms and shoulders. Your feet should be spread out just a bit while having a firm grip with shoulders helping you to create an even plane for your club head.

Do You Get in Enough Practice?

In many cases golfers may not be investing enough time into perfecting this skill. There are various drills you can do to help you practice. You can look into practicing motion and swing technique. You can do this at home or on the course. You can also do a few practice swings when you are the course right before you to take your shot to understand your form.

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