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4 Basic Principles Of Wedge Play Club Selection

A study on the various golf shots played in a game shows nearly one-third of the strokes are executed using wedge clubs. They are an essential part of a golfer’s club kit, and it’s a fact that players carry with them a number of wedge clubs. Golf pros know that having the proper wedge clubs in one’s kit is a sure way to improve scoring ability.

With better performance of your wedge clubs, the pressure on drive and putting clubs considerably reduces. The issue though is the selection of the clubs; with so many types to choose and different specification a little understanding of the basic principles will help golfers greatly in choosing the proper wedge clubs.


The loft of a club is determined by the angle the club face creates with the vertical line that passes through the stem of the wedge. Higher the loft degree, higher the elevation of the shot, and shorter the distance the ball would travel.

Professional golfers, most of them, carry multiple wedges (at least 3-4) in their bags to tackle the various situations in the short game. The crucial point in picking wedges is there shouldn’t be too big a gap between the low-loft iron and the wedge, and also between the different wedge clubs. Most experts recommend keeping the total angle of difference about 4 to 5 degrees.


The part of the club that hits the turf during impact is the bounce, and the angle that the sole of the wedge creates with the ground is the bounce angle. There are multiple elements that join together to make up the bounce of a wedge. They are camber of a wedge, rocker, leading edge, the width of the sole, and bounce angle of the wedge. The bounce of a club stops it from digging into the ground or sand. When experts talk about considering the bounce before purchasing a wedge, they are refereeing to the bounce angle.

Sole Grinds

A concept of fairly recent origin, sole grind points to the grinding or shaping of the sole around the toe or heel area of the wedge. Many club makers are providing this grinding option apart from the standard sole. More and more players are realizing the need to have wedges customized to suit specific shots and conditions. If sole grind is something you want in your wedge, that’s understandable, but keep in mind that sole grind can change the bounce of a club. So, take expert advice on this element before purchasing wedges.


Different materials such as gun metal, satin, chrome, nickel, etc., are used to give an upper coating on a wedge. In almost all cases, except with raw finish, this element just adds to the look of the club; they have little to do with the performance. With raw finishes, as the surface rusts more spin is added to the shots. Nickel and chrome finishes look good and stay for a long time, but ultimately with time coating on the club will wear off.

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