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The Best Technique For Carrying Out A Knockdown Shot

A knockdown shot includes making a full swing toward your target. In this case you are working to get the ball to travel as far as possible toward its target. In some cases players see this shot as an easier way to swing. At the same time it involves completing a full swing that encourages the ball to travel a longer length. This shot can be challenging when winds pick up but it depends on the club you choose and the amount of wind. You can experiment by playing with different clubs during windy or non-windy conditions to understand results. Here are some pointers on how to carry out a knockdown shot.

  • Know what club to use that will give the right amount of loft for the ball while in the wind. Some players make the mistake of using the wrong club. Sometimes it can be the right club but their technique in how it is used needs to be tweaked. In this case, knowing the right club can make a difference since much of the impact and movement of the ball depends on it.
  • Your front foot should have your weight while being balanced over the ball. The aim is to make your shot but to make it low as you hit outward. Another trick to think about is how you stand behind the ball and how your club comes into contact with it. Having your weight toward your front foot gives balance and stability to help you go into your backswing and downswing.
  • Maintain good control by choking down. This helps in obtaining good grip and control of the club while keeping hands and wrist in place during the shot. If you don’t choke down you may end up losing control during the shot and the ball may not travel as far.
  • Keep rotation under control and aim to swing between 50 and 80 percent. You want a full rotation but not completely full. This also helps to maintain control of the swing action without over doing it.
  • Stay low when you finish your swing with the club positioned behind hands when you follow through. This aspect is an area many golfers have trouble with. There are swing drills to help practice this motion, but you can also practice this play on the course to understand the type of result you are looking for.

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