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Why the Colina Verde Golf Course Is A Great Location for Your Holidays

Playing the game of golf is something special already and it makes it even better if you play in Portugal, especially in the Algarve area. One of the more prominent courses would be the Colina Verde Resort, where the golf courses are certainly unique. If you were planning for a holiday or just a few days out of the country, then you should certainly choose Colina Verde! It is almost guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the services there!


The beautiful place is located in Algarvian countryside, away from the city where you can enjoy the amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean. Can you imagine the beauty of it? Built in 2002, the resort is known for its spacious apartments and different activities available. If you were thinking of doing other things apart from golf, you could play football, tennis or simply just enjoy your relaxing time in the spa.


One of the best courses would be the executive par 3 course, where players at all levels can simply get together and enjoy a quick round. For beginners, it is a rather straightforward course and obviously it’s pretty simple. However, for the better, more experienced players, it would demand strong iron play and smart club choice. It offers a fair challenge to everyone! Since this is a rather short course, it would probably take you a little over an hour to complete, so you would still have plenty of time to play on one of the five 18-hole courses as well! The choice is yours and you can certainly manage your own time around here.

There aren’t many courses in the world that have a par-3 course and several full-length courses, so you should definitely experience it!

Other activities

After a long day of golf, you may be bored of it and want to do something else. That’s not a problem because the spa is probably one of the best places for you to relax. Spend an afternoon there and you will feel that your fatigue will just fade away. If you fancy it, you could also play some football and rugby with your kids or your friends as well. It is certainly a good chance to bond together and certainly one way to spend the afternoon. There is also a swimming pool there, so on a hot summer day, you could just jump in and cool off your body. Colina Verde is definitely a great golf resort in Portugal!

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