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Professional Advice On How To Execute A Lob Shot

As a golf enthusiast, you would have seen during tournament golfers playing the lob shot around the green. The lob is a very effective stroke around the greens where you want the ball to land and have a quick halt. Some amateurs don’t pay much interest to this stroke as it’s hard to master and execute. Nothing is too difficult if you know the proper technique and are ready to put in the hard work to learn it. Here are a few pointers to help you execute a lob shot.

  • To hit the ball high and give it a soft landing, you can use two types of wedges: The Sand Wedge and The Lob Wedge. As the name indicates the lob wedge is the ideal club to play this stroke. If you’re not satisfied with the loft your current lob wedge, adjust the club – open the face of the club to increase its loft. An important point to remember: You can ensure a higher lob and a quick stop of the ball by opening up the club face at setup itself.
  • With an open lob wedge point the club face slightly to the right of the target. This is just one of the methods, some experts advise the opposite. They insist on pointing the club face directly to the target and aligning your lower body to the left of the target. Try both methods and choose the method you’re comfortable with.
  • The lob shot demands a gentle swing, hence don’t grip the club too tight. Hold it gently and maintain the same grip throughout the swing. The ball must be positioned in such a way that it’s close to the lead foot, in line with the inside of the lead foot.
  • When playing the backswing take the club slightly outside and also ensure your wrist hinges. The club face of the lob wedge must be open during the backswing. The longer you take the club back the higher the ball will fly. But, ideally the backswing must end when the club end is pointing directly to the sky.
  • Throughout the downswing the club face must be open, or at least till the club face strikes the ball. Make sure that the swing is smooth and the club face slides under the ball at impact. As you make contact with the ball and finish the swing with the follow-through your body must turn towards the target.

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