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10 Things To Know About The Boavista Golf Course In The Lagos Area

As you are aware, the best places to go on a golf holiday would be to go to Portugal, where the sun is shining and the land is warm. The most popular golfing locations would be the Lagos area, where there are tonnes of courses and resorts – you can simply enjoy your time there with friends and families. There are 10 things that you should know about this wonderful resort and then you can decide whether you will make this your holiday destination:

  • Spectacular spa
  • With a heated pool and Jacuzzi there, you can surely take your time off and truly relax. The spa at Boavista is simply world-class and it would surely be a good idea to go there after a long day!

  • Excellent hotel rooms
  • You could choose to stay in a large apartment or just a simple bedroom. The choice is yours and it’s flexible. So you could be going there by yourself or you could go there with a bunch of people!

  • Great restaurants
  • The restaurants at Boavista serve their guests some of the best foods in the world! It would certainly be worth trying it.

  • Beach right next door
  • With the beach just a short drive away, you could stay at Boavista and just go to the beach whenever you want! It would surely be a relaxing holiday.

  • Floodlit tennis court
  • Apart from golf, Boavista offers another gentlemen’s sport, tennis. You could surely act like a Sir and become a high-flyer!

  • Lagos is right next to you!
  • Tired of all the resort stuffs? Well, the town is just down the road and you have the choice of visiting it after a long day and just shop around.

  • Great golf resort
  • The golf course that you will find here at Boavista is unique. It poses a challenge to players at all levels but yet it would still offer an enjoyable experience.

  • Gym
  • The gym is located right next to the spa and you know what that means? You can work out and go straight to the spa and relax!

  • Wonderful practice area
  • As with most golf resorts, you can expect the practice range is simply astonishing! You would probably be hitting balls after balls when you are here!

  • Great sceneries
  • Arguably, Boavista offers some of the best sceneries in the Lagos area. If you love this stuff, then you can’t miss your opportunity here!

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